Developing greater insight into the reasons why people travel can be helpful for your marketing efforts. A recent survey found that 51 percent of Americans’ reason for traveling is to visit friends and family. But what are some of the other reasons? 

  • Visiting family and friends – 51 percent
  • Beach – 32 percent
  • General sightseeing – 30 percent 
  • City – 26 percent 
  • Theme park – 14 percent 
  • Gambling – 13 percent 
  • Cruise 13 – percent 

What types of trips are travelers choosing?

  • Overnight trip to casino – 28 percent 
  • Last minute trip – 28 percent 
  • “Staycation” – 27 percent
  • Long-haul trip – 25 percent 

And what kind of events are people celebrating as part of their vacations?

  • Birthday – 36 percent
  • Anniversary – 36 percent 
  • Wedding 16 – percent
  • Family reunion – 15 percent

Given that family travel is the leading motivator for taking that vacation, it is wise for the tourism and hospitality industries to know what people in this group are looking for. 

“The vast majority of family travelers want time to relax, unwind and spend time together,” explains Eileen Ogintz in an article on The Huffington Post

TMS Family Travel Summit also examined what family travel means these days. The group of marketing experts offered some tips for improving travelers’ experience. These include: Offering trips in all price ranges, making the booking process as simple and straight forward as possible, providing free WiFi, organizing group events for visitors to take part in and ensuring that these are activities that adults and children of all ages can enjoy.

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