In order to ensure that search engine marketing and other important online marketing mechanics are most effective, marketers need to know exactly what kind of person is accessing their information and how best to respond to their interests and needs. Like many aspects of this field, it can be a tricky balancing act, choosing the means of observation most useful to your business that doesn't violate invasion of privacy rules.

A recent report from Business Insider examines different means companies have used to verify consumer information and track mobile activity. Some, like cookie tracking, are familiar and likely used by many, but as the report points out, they don't necessarily provide the most accurate information to companies if the user has clicked more than once. As easy to use and understand as they are, the data might not be as reliable as we would like.

On the other hand, there are more high-tech developments such as "audio fingerprinting," an app that responds to sounds, particularly generated from a television, and provides appropriate ads without collecting any real personal information. Small business internet marketing groups may not yet have access to the kind of technology needed to make these more sophisticated tactics work, but they can begin considering them as tools to help bridge the gap across different devices.

To help encourage the growth of their business, it is natural for companies to investigate the options offered in today's online world. Key Media Solutions can help pare down some of these more intimidating developments and let your company decide for itself what works.