Marketing is all about intent and impact. What is the company's initial intent for what it's doing and what is the actual impact? This can range from the media space being bought, to the copy used in advertisements. But, an article from the Wall Street Journal has shown that more companies are using what may appear to be otherwise irrelevant data as a means to engage in very specific targeted internet marketing.

According to the Journal, Mac computer users will spend as much as 30 percent more per night on hotels. In fact, the popular travel agency Orbitz is beginning to show higher priced hotels differently for these users. In addition, the Journal also points out that Mac users earn a larger than average household income than PC owners – $98,560 to $74,452.

"Six percent of our visitors these days come on an iPad, and you see some interesting demographics there. Folks who come on an iPad – it probably reveals the underlying demographics of those users – have an average price they're willing to pay for a hotel that's 23 percent higher," said Orbitz's president Chris Orton in a Forbes interview. "You see a $20 difference between a Mac user and a PC user."

But, while the initial options shown to Mac users may be swankier than those shown to those owning a PC, the two parties can still access the same deal with a little bit of searching.

This tactic is a clear representation of the burgeoning popularity of targeted marketing. Knowing that Mac users not only have a higher average income, but are also willing to spend more than PC owners, allows these companies to create more relevant offers to consumers than they normally would.

If travel agencies want to capitalize on this trend in data-oriented marketing, they may want to hire an experienced internet advertising agency that can engage in these targeted online campaigns.