All the pieces are in place: staff is hired, the store is open, and the website is done, now you need customers. You started the Facebook page to help get the word out and even have a small AdWords campaign going, but you might not have the results you hoped for.

Advertising your business can be a challenge. You need to have the time and resource to properly manage your advertising efforts. Here is the dilemma: do you hire someone to work in-house on your advertising or do you find a partner to take over?

Both options work. Finding the right avenue for your business will take a little thought and assessment, though. In today’s blog, I will highlight the pros and cons of running ads in-house or with a partner. I will not sell you on either, that would be devious of me. So, if I start to get one-sided, correct me.


In-house marketing allows complete control of every aspect of a digital campaign and people working in-house will have an intimate understanding of your products/services. But, there is time and knowledge associated with digital marketing that might be hard to find. Finding the right people can be difficult. Understanding the benefits and pains are key in making a hiring decision.


  • Employees have intimate understating of products/services.
  • You have complete control on all aspects of campaigns.
  • Response time on making changes can be quicker.

  • When that employee leaves, you have to spend time and money hiring and training someone else.
  • You have to invest in technology that a “Digital Partner” would not only have, but have people certified and trained to use.
  • A salaried employee often is more of a cost than our Partner fees
  • Not being up-to-date on the latest advertising technology.
  • Partners are consistently looking and testing new technology, whereas businesses/agencies don’t have the time to devote their employees to research and training.


Partnerships allow you to free up time and overhead. You need to focus on your business and having a partner frees up the time to put your energy where it needs to be. Also, partners have the knowledge and experience to bring in the best results possible. But, you need to have trust in a partner. It is like a marriage.


  • Save time for growing your business.
  • Partners have the knowledge and experiences to analysis data and make timely optimizations.
  • Have a lower overhead than hiring a new employee.
  • Partners are up to date on new technology.
  • Partners test and optimize on a daily biases.

  • You need to build trust.
  • A partner will need to learn your business.
  • Response time on changes can be slower.

Partnerships can be great, in-house marketing can be great. It is about finding what is best for you and your business. There is no perfect mold. But, either way, it is important to have trust. This is important to allow you the ability to focus on growing your business.