NBC’s Peacock TV

NBC unveiled its Peacock TV streaming service to investors last week. Highlighted by a free-for-all version that stands out in an increasingly crowded online video market. It launches in the U.S. on July 15th of this year. Peacock Free will consist of over 7,000 hours of programming, including next-day access to current seasons of first-year NBC shows, complete seasons of classic series (shout-out The Office and Parks & Rec), Universal movies, and curated content such as the SNL Vault and Family Movie Night.

There will also be two paid tiers of Peacock called Peacock Premium. There will be a $4.99/month version with ads and a $9.99/month option with no ads. Both paid tiers will include live sports and early access to late-night shows. This inclusion is a huge differentiator for Peacock from rivals such as Disney+, HBO Max, and Netflix. You’ll be able to watch their late-night shows with Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers much earlier in the night rather than waiting late into the night.

I will definitely be using the free version of Peacock TV so I can watch The Office and Parks and Rec. I don’t see myself paying for this since I already have a few different streaming services I pay for.

Dynamic Remarketing

It has nothing to do with Peacock TV, there are no cool updates, I’m just here to tell you about its features and why you should include it in your digital marketing plans.

If you are an e-commerce business, or if you just have products or services on your site (like automobiles, or larger products that can’t be bought on your site), you can use dynamic remarketing to your advantage. Someone comes to your site and views a specific product or multiple products, you later can show them ads of the exact products they looked at. You can pair your feed of products or services with dynamic ads, scaling your ads to cover your entire inventory.

You’ll need a feed with all your inventory. The Google Ads product recommendation engine will pull the products and services from your feed, determining the best mix of products for each ad based on popularity and what the visitor viewed on your site. If you already have a Google Merchant Center set up for your products, half of your work is already done! Google Ads then predicts which dynamic ad layout is likely to perform best for the person, placement, and platform where the ads will show. That’s one of the biggest draws to dynamic remarketing. You have to create one ad, but it can show in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Google will show the ads in the best way possible.

Here at KeyMedia, we’ve seen some great success with dynamic remarketing. Higher than normal click-thru rates and lower cost per conversions. If this is something that you think your business would like to learn more about, please don’t hesitate to reach out!