According to a blog post by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), strategic marketing positioning is critical for engaging in targeted marketing. But, while this may seem like complicated business jargon, the article cites comedian Bill Cosby with a simple definition of the practice, “I don’t know the secret to success, but I do know that the secret to failure is trying to please everybody.”

While the SBA defines positioning as a marketing tactic for small businesses to use to brand their company to the right audience, Entrepreneur Magazine has given tips on how to create a positioning statement.

According to the source, before small businesses begin targeted internet marketing campaigns they must first know who, exactly, they’re targeting. In order to do this they must craft a positioning statement.

This statement creates a focused and clear definition of what a company does for its own employees and management. It isn’t designed to be shown to customers, but to help design the banner advertisements, digital videos or advertising copy that will be shown to customers.

The source recommends that businesses use a positioning statement to answer three questions: What exactly do you do? Who do you do it for? How are you different?

By answering these, small businesses will be able to provide themselves with a more clear understanding of exactly who their ideal customers are how to position themselves within the industry and in their small business internet marketing.

If companies find that they are struggling with creating a positioning statement, working with an experienced digital advertising company can help them create these statements and implement them into their marketing campaigns.