How many times have you gone on this adventure; you log on Facebook to update your status and after 10 minutes you realize you’ve shared two articles, liked five posts, and commented on a picture of your old college roommate. Have you ever thought to yourself, “How did I get here?” Scientists have devoted countless hours of research to find out why people get sucked in to social media sites like Facebook.

An article from Buffer explored the psychology of Facebook users. The research collected was an attempt to look deep into the minds of Facebook users as they like, comment, and share posts. What they found could provide windows of opportunity for smart businesses.

The study found that when users perform an action on Facebook, emotions are triggered in the same part of the brain influenced by money, food, and social acceptance. When people get positive feedback from Facebook, this particular part of the brain makes us feel happy. Understanding what actions produce the best results can help us explain why people love Facebook.

We can break down certain user actions and see how businesses can influence these emotions with their customers.


Why people like posts Business Response
  • Likes are the fastest and easiest way for Facebook users to acknowledge something they feel connected to.
  • Facebook users hand out likes as if they were pennies. They are easy to spend, but users don’t expect much in return.
  • Give your audience a reward for liking a post. Perhaps more information about your brand or coupons for sales.
  • Create posts that ignite emotion with your audience.


Why users comment on posts Business Response
  • Posts that receive comments produces a public conversation that other users can see as well.
  • Commenting on post rather than liking them prioritizes Facebook’s algorithm to deliver more relevant information to that user.
  • Create posts that ask for comments. Know your audience and engage them in the conversation.
  • Reply to comments in order to keep the conversation going with customers.


Why people share posts Business Response
  • 69% of Facebook users said they share information because it allows them to feel more involved in the world.
  • 84% of users share because it’s a good way to support causes or issues they care about.
  • Create posts that not only inform your audience, but allow them to share interests together.
  • Create content that makes your audience feel like they are in on the latest information.

Social platforms like Facebook offer businesses the opportunity to connect with customers on a global scale, but with a larger audience, information can easily be lost in the hustle and bustle of a newsfeed. Understanding how your audience operates on Facebook can provide insight on the content you post on your company’s page.

The bottom line is Facebook and other social media sites are lines of communication between businesses and customers. Social media users feel emotional responses when they are included in the conversation. This makes it increasingly important for all businesses to understand the actions of their audience whether a post gets shared, commented on, or liked.