Hiring the right people for the right position is crucial for the success of any business. Reaching the most qualified applicants means you must locate them where they are actively searching for work.  Today, those combing for a new career do so through search engines, job boards, and social media platforms such as LinkedIn.   Today’s job searchers are savvy and know they have options.  In order for your business to find and retain the best talent in your field your company needs a solid digital recruitment strategy.

Your digital recruitment strategy should show potential applicants what sets your company apart from the rest, what you have to offer, and why they should work for you over a hiring competitor.  Once you have your messaging in place, you will want to optimize your website.  With proper optimization your careers or job openings pages should appear near the top of Google search results.  SEO allows you to target those looking for keywords and phrases that align with your job posting, leading qualified candidates to your site.

Pay-Per-Click or PPC campaigns are a budget friendly way to reach those searching for employment opportunities.   These advertising campaigns allow you to place ads in search engine results for specific key words, if a user does not click on the ad, you pay nothing.  This is one of many ways to help ensure you find the perfect candidate.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns are designed to increase traffic to specific pages on your site.  Once the interested party has clicked over to your website, they are looking for as much information about the position as possible.  This is where content is king!  Share with visitors and potential employees searching on your site about how great it is to work for your company!  Your career centered pages should focus on your company values, culture, and work environment.  This is also a great place to list your company benefits, training opportunities, and any potential for advancement within your organization.

Regularly post your open positions on your social media channels and boast about why you are better than the rest in terms of benefits, culture, and work environment. A great way to recruit top talent is to use testimonials from current employees to give applicants a view into working for you.

In addition to search engines, many people surf job listing sites to browse their career opportunities online. These sites make it easy to search open positions by job title, industry, and company and eliminate the need for browsing individual company sites for open positions.

Most job listing sites give employers the option to sponsor their listings getting them in front of more users. These paid listings operate on a similar system to PPC campaigns and are designed to show up for the most relevant users.

Hiring through digital channels is essential to finding the best in your field.  The more information you provide on your site, social media channels, and other online platforms allows for more engagement with potential employees.  Recruiting through digital means is standard practice in today’s world.  These digital tactics not only help you recruit the cream of the crop, but also provide measured results for your efforts. You will be able to see who, when, where, and how candidates are viewing your job postings.  Hiring through a digital recruitment strategy maximizes every advertising dollar while reaching the most qualified people.  If you need assistance with recruiting through digital marketing, connect with one of our digital marketing experts at KeyMedia Solutions.  We are excited to help you grow your workforce and your business.