Since Google improved the online search engine, it is now easier than ever to make purchases, find information and communicate with others on shared interests. This accessibility has shifted control from the business owner to consumers, who want an explanation as soon as possible.

In fact, a study from LivePerson found that websites have just 76 seconds to provide an answer.

"If consumers don't get what they need quickly, chances are you've lost them," Anurag Wadehra of LivePerson writes.

Businesses that have well-designed web pages with frequently asked questions, live chats or product descriptions available are more likely to have loyal customers. About 78 percent of consumers said that they continue to purchase from companies who "give them a great experience and service online."

Regardless of the size of the business, having a good reputation among the targeted audience is no longer enough. In order to continue growing, an online presence is a must. Businesses that utilize targeted internet marketing have an opportunity to create high-quality leads.

As the internet becomes a more common medium of communication and marketing, businesses need to follow suit with effective online solutions. With 58 percent of respondents in this survey also reporting that they are "frustrated by poor quality service online," business owners must improve these relationships, Media Post contributor Jack Loechner explained.

"The repercussions of a negative digital experience have never been higher, and the result of a positive experience is becoming increasingly more valuable," Loechner added.

However, making a strong digital presence can be difficult. When there are so many ways to showcase an organization's brand, having the appropriate strategy is a must. Key Media Solutions can help businesses develop a plan that meets their future goals.