The World Wide Web has proved to be a double-edged sword. Yes, individuals can acquire information in a matter of seconds, but it's also become increasingly difficult for companies to compete in this environment. 

''We're in an unprecedented period for business,'' online marketing strategist Jay Baer told Forbes Magazine. ''Companies now have to compete not just against folks who supply the same products and services, they have to compete against everything – against their customers' spouses and best friends, against funny cat videos.''

That means business owners have to ensure that their company stands out from others. To do that, the publication recommends:

1) Offering information

In this day and age, there's no such thing as over-explaining, especially when it comes to buying a product or a service. Studies, like those conducted by Google, have shown that people are constantly researching before making a purchase. In fact, from 2010 to 2011, the number of sources that individuals utilized before buying anything doubled. When you provide information, consumers are less likely to go elsewhere to get it.

2) Answering questions

Although an FAQ section on your website can answer some inquiries, it's simply not enough. Follow McDonald's Canada's lead. They allow people to ask any question they want. In fact, when one person wanted to know what was in their secret sauce, they were provided with a list of ingredients and a YouTube video on how to whip it up.

Following the two tips above can give your company more exposure and allow you to rise above your competition. Consider contacting a small business internet marketing firm that can help you redesign your website and optimize it for mobile.