Now is the time to prepare for the upcoming holiday season by finding top temporary talent to help your business during it’s busiest time.  Whether you are just finishing up your busy season or gearing up for the holidays ahead, refining your hiring strategy now will help ensure you find those who are the best fit for your business.  Hiring seasonal workers has a host of unique challenges.  Most temporary workers are people who already work full-time jobs. How will you reach them and let them know that you are hiring?  To achieve your seasonal recruitment goals, you will need to spread the word about your job openings where potential applicants are searching. Determine what an ideal candidate would want in a temporary position, and how best to communicate why they should work for you over your competition.  Here are 5 strategies to make this year your best year yet!

  1. Be in the right place at the right time. Time is of the essence when hiring seasonally!  Be where your potential candidates are looking for temporary work.  Utilize programmatic advertising to target ideal applicants on the sites they visit by advertising your job postings, benefits of working for you company, and links to your career pages.   Utilize social media channels to promote your postings and request referrals from your followers and current permanent employees.  Offer employees incentives for referring qualified, reliable applicants and potential bonuses if their referral is hired.
  2. Utilize data-driven results. Data analytics can assist in defining how, when, and where to land the top talent currently looking for seasonal work.   Avoid wasting your time and money advertising job openings where no one will see them.  With a clear data picture of who and where your ideal candidates are, you can tailor your recruiting communications to edge out the competition.
  3. Be Immediately Responsive. When leveraging your social media channels to drive applicants to your site, response time is critical.  A lag in response time will motivate job seekers to move on. If you do not respond in a timely manner to any comments or questions from potential candidates, you will lose them to your competitors.
  4. Host an online seasonal job fair. Hiring through a virtual career fair has many benefits for your company as well as those looking for temporary work.   Many seasonal workers already maintain permanent full-time jobs, offering an online career event saves them the time of applying and interviewing in person and scheduling one-on-one interviews.  Your company will save big bucks over a live in-person hiring fair, but still retain a pool of potential talent.
  5. Retain top performers for next season. After you successfully recruit those who are the best fit for your company who made it a stellar season, provide an incentive for your top performers to return next year.  Establishing long-term relationships with solid employees builds a seasonal workforce that you can rely on to return year-after-year!

Make this the year you assemble your dream team of employees by implementing these strategies for success.  If you would like further assistance in creating or maximizing your digital recruitment plan, we are here to help! Contact one of our digital experts at KeyMedia Solutions today!