With the advent of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, companies have been taking advantage of this media as a way to provide an onslaught of targeted internet marketing campaigns, advertisements and videos. While, for the most part, this has proven successful for many companies, the internet is beginning to become saturated by the amount of businesses using this method.

Therefore, according to Inc. Magazine, simple is the new black – so to speak – when it comes to internet marketing. With such an oversaturation in digital media, consumers are beginning to look for simplicity in the sea of tweets, Facebook likes and viral videos.

Marketing campaigns for major corporations like Nike and Apple have been able to simplify their brands down to the point where Nike's swoosh is recognizable worldwide and Apple can create commercials featuring just a product, a pair of hands and a voiceover.

"Focus on simplicity," writes author Jeff Hoffman. "To be truly memorable, to be the one product or service that people remember when the dust settles, you need to narrow down your message, streamline your sentences, cut out all the fluff, and deliver one – yes just one – strong, simple message, and deliver it clearly and concisely."

In order to do so, businesses may need a little extra help. By partnering with an experienced digital advertising agency, companies can adjust their small business internet marketing campaigns so they're much more streamlined, efficient and simple. In doing so, they can boil down their advertisements to one image, word or phrase that evokes the company and what its product can do for customers.