Times and statistics are always changing, and the trends prevalent in a certain section of the economy now may not always provide the best ground to build a strategy on, especially when a new demographic emerges. Small business internet marketing campaigns within the travel industry should pay attention to one group in particular, according to an article on Business2Community: single women traveling by themselves.

As this piece, which was authored using contributions from Women's Travel Club founder Phyllis Stoller, demonstrates, much of current travel marketing is centered around groups and social experiences rather than individuals traveling on their own, even though solo women make up for around 70 percent of what the article calls "cultural, adventure, or nature trips."

The article also uses the marketing term "indie" to describe single childless women and discusses the various qualities more noticeable in female travel habits that accommodations and travel services should acknowledge.

Specifically, they paint a portrait of this kind of woman as more prepared, willing to explore and skilled when it comes to languages. If your company has been pointing its targeted internet marketing away from this group, you may be missing a key population more likely to make use of your services.

This doesn't mean that any company needs to narrow their travel marketing and ignore other groups, just that they should stay aware of growing trends that could make a huge difference as to their numbers. Key Media Solutions can help be a major asset to companies who feel they may be missing something vital in their current targeted internet marketing plans.