While small business owners don't need a report to tell them that mobile smartphone use is on the rise, a recent study may help them put this growing trend into perspective, as many of the same professionals who rely on these devices have yet to take advantage of targeted online advertising when it comes to reaching their consumers.

On May 16, Nielsen released a new report that indicates mobile smartphone use has risen in the past year, climbing from just under 40 percent to roughly 50 percent. In addition, the report also found that 88 percent of smartphone users say they've downloaded an app in the past 30 days, a figure that has doubled since Neilsen's previous study.

As a result, the most significant statistic for business owners to note may be app use, as consumers now keep an average of 41 apps on their phones, meaning that many small businesses could benefit by offering this service to their dedicated customer base.

With consumers spending roughly 40 minutes a day on these apps, small business owners could be missing out on a way to capture the attention of not only their existing base, but also their friends and family, as app use tends to spread by word-of-mouth.

As such, small businesses in the Midwest could benefit by working with a service that not only provides first-rate mobile app development, but also complementary services such as mobile display marketing. By taking a well-rounded approach to advertising that includes the use of mobile targeting, business owners could ensure that their customers continue to view them as modern and forward thinking.

And since these qualities are sought after by consumers, business owners may want to search for similar characteristics when looking for the right internet advertising agency for the job.