These days, the travel experience isn't as easy as it used to be. Long lines, expensive baggage fees, crowded airports and delays can make getting to your final destination anything but enjoyable. Many consumers use their mobile devices to help make getting from point A to point B more manageable. Whether it's checking in or finding out whether a flight is on-time, smartphones can alleviate some of the common causes of headaches when in an airport. 

However, a recent report published by ForeSee, a company that measures businesses' level of customer satisfaction, revealed that individuals aren't as pleased as they could be when it comes to mobile travel experiences. On a scale from one to 100, participants gave Southwest Airlines a score of 82. Respondents gave the airline's app high marks for the bigger-sized touchpoints that fill up a smartphone's entire screen when pressed.

Furthermore, there's no eye strain involved when trying to find out where you will be sitting, because Southwest doesn't assign seats to passengers. When using the Southwest app, consumers can say goodbye to the virtually unreadable text and charts that can make navigating a website using a mobile device confusing. Approximately 21 percent of individuals said they favor using a mobile app over going to a company's website on a traditional computer because they believe it is faster.

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