No matter the size of your customer base or business, there will always be outside forces influencing your audience's behavior. Mobile culture must make itself as relevant as possible, and this can include capitalizing on anything that might guide a specific click.

An article that appeared recently in Chief Marketer examined the different tactics targeted online advertising plans can potentially take before and during holidays. Though the Western economy, particularly in the United States, centers somewhat on widely-held year-end celebrations like Thanksgiving and Christmas, marketers can find opportunities for unique offers, like a special initiative that allows customers to donate to a related local charity organization.

The piece recommends a few ideas that take advantage of the more festive and engaged mindset that might accompany a holiday atmosphere. For example, businesses can offer discounts or other kinds of sales appropriate for the occasion, such as the post-Thanksgiving Black Friday, and do so in the context of the viewer's natural browsing.

Another tactic a campaign can take is anything that allows customers to interact with an ad piece in what it describes as holiday-appropriate "gamification," citing from a 2011 study that predicts a growth in this kind of approach by next year. The article suggests a quiz or survey, but this could be something much more lively and in line with the theme.

The piece also suggests that ads take the immediate surroundings of a user into account, another potentially effective means of drawing from real experience rather than simply posting a blanket message. This could be useful in combination with holiday-themed targeted ads, thereby covering both the potential current customer's time and place.

The drive to make the most relevant advertising could call for an outside perspective a company may not have. Those companies can look to Key Media Solutions for the push they may need to think more seasonally.