It is not difficult for companies in the travel industry to find customers. However, it is essential that those businesses are able to accurately advertise to their desired consumer base. International air travel is just one small section that organizations can target with local online marketing. With recent research showing that adventure travel is on the rise, companies must ensure that they create a campaign that caters to the right audience.

According to the 2013 Adventure Tourism Market Study, adventure travel has been growing 65 percent year-over-year since 2009. Now, the outbound adventure travel market for the Americas and Europe is estimated to be $263 billion.

The study was conducted by George Washington University with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA).

"We expected growth — we expected big growth — but not at that level," ATTA President Shannon Stowell told Travel Weekly.

Stowell added that there were several factors that contributed to the rapid growth. First, more adventure travel suppliers are being created, and the market itself is becoming more mainstream. When the study was first conducted in 2009, the entire travel industry was bottoming out because of the economic downturn.

Another factor that could affect targeted internet marketing is that 37 percent of adventure travelers go on excursions with a spouse or partner and 30 percent with their family and kids. Additionally, an individual's per-trip spending for adventure traveling – excluding airfare and gear – increased to $947 in 2012. In 2009, that number was $593.

When businesses partner with Key Media Solutions, they can develop a local online marketing campaign that takes into account numerous variants so a strong, successful approach is developed.