Technology is changing the way many people are completing daily tasks, including how they watch television. Though TiVo has been around for many years, subscriptions to digital video recorders (DVR) and on-demand programming allows many viewers to catch their favorite sitcoms on their own time.

Marketers are beginning to catch on to this trend and are planning to relocate their services to the World Wide Web, showcasing line online banner advertising videos on popular websites like YouTube.

A report from Digiday, a digital media website, shows that growth in online videos is expected to increase. Even though these out-of-home advertising opportunities only account for 3 percent of a business' marketing budget in 2013, the shift is very likely to happen.

"In just the past two years, brand patronage of programmatic video channels such as exchanges and [demand-side platforms] has roughly doubled, as direct to publisher purchases have declined by 15 percent," the report explained.

For example, AOL and Google's race for online video advertising space has been close, due to the acquisition of Adap.TV, and many video advertising budgets have grown 65 percent. Local businesses that want to get the most out of their video advertising potential may want to consider launching a similar campaign soon, especially during the holiday season.

This competitive shopping season has great potential because with one less week to manage wish lists and fill shopping carts, consumers are going to search the web for the best deal. Amazon specifically has already begun its "Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week," TIME Magazine reported.

When 86 percent of brands and 91 percent of creative agencies have plans to implement their own video-based internet marketing service, now seems like the best time to analyze impressions and web traffic. Companies that partner with Key Media Solutions will be able to create an online video campaign that is effective and timely to their local market.