Earlier this year, Pew Research announced that 60 percent of American adults owned smartphones. For consumers across the United States, this has shifted how people find information on many services and goods. In fact, research from Informa Telecoms and Media found that in three years, more than a billion people will have bought something from their mobile devices.

This shift has great potential for mobile advertising companies that are looking into maximizing their efforts in the near future. Through innovations like tablets and smartphones, marketers are going to have to do more than post banners in valuable spots – they are going to need to incorporate video advertising and customer engagement. Advertisers that do this will increase their chances of gaining foot traffic, impressions and revenue.

"Being accessible across the variety of channels is becoming increasingly important for retailers," Shailendra Pandey, the author of Informa's report, said in the release. "Retailers that proactively provide up-to-date information about their products, services, prices and store locations on mobile devices will benefit from first-mover advantages."

When a majority of cell phone owners are using their devices to find just about anything, marketers will be able to better understand their customer's habits if they utilize Big Data and cookies to build unique online marketing solutions. Understanding the client base's habits can help lead to a larger client base and revenue, Entrepreneur Magazine contributor Steve Tobak explains.

Companies that partner with Key Media Solutions will be equipped with a mobile marketing strategy that will get them ahead of other companies that have yet to implement their own mobile campaign.