The Super Bowl is coming up, and now is the perfect opportunity to get your brand recognized on the biggest stage! Previously, to get your ads shown during the Super Bowl you had to contact your media buyer and have them buy spots from your local television stations.

With the emergence of Connected TV (CTV), it’s easy to add CTV to your digital stack and promote your business during one of the highest traffic times of the year!


Connected TV vs. Traditional TV

A massive advantage of CTV over traditional TV media buys is that with CTV, you’re in control.  By utilizing CTV, you can have one budget spread across many different networks. This eliminates multiple budgets for various networks as with traditional TV buys.

The big game is broadcast on different networks every year. CTV will allow you to reach as many people as possible within your ad budget. But are people really watching the Super Bowl on streaming devices?

How Many People Watch the Super Bowl on Streaming Devices?

According to Statista, users streaming the Super Bowl in United States met a record of 21.8 billion this year. An increase of about 17.9 million streaming users compared to 2022. Moving forward, more streaming services will offer Fox for live TV packages, ensuring more fans can watch the game.

The Places We’ll Go

With streaming services rising, and cable being cut – there are new developments in the traditional tv world. One positive being: there are new opportunities to reach people. The major TV streaming players like Fox, CBS, ESPN, Sling TV, etc all have TV inventory available through programmatic platforms. This allows maximum reach for your ad budget. When you don’t limit where you serve, the opportunity to reach people who fit your target audience grows and maximizes your ad budget.

How We Can Help

Reach out and we’ll work with you to create a strategy to promote your brand before, during, and long after Super Bowl. We have solutions that will help build on any momentum gained during this promotional window.