During this time of uncertainty, businesses are struggling on a variety of fronts and under circumstances beyond their control.  While this unprecedented economic shutdown has been devastating to many, there are opportunities to come out of this crisis – not only intact but improved and positioned for better days ahead!  Survival marketing is the process of assessing and shifting your business to meet the needs of your customers right now.  Marketing experts, Korena Keys (CEO of KeyMedia Solutions), and Courtney Davidson (VP of Matt Jensen Marketing), recently joined together with Small Business Owners and Executives for an online interactive discussion on what actionable steps businesses can take today.

Get started now by conducting a comprehensive audit of your current marketing strategy.  Is your message still relevant in light of what’s happening? Revise your messaging to be reflective of the moment and informative to your patrons.  For example, if your retail location is currently closed, but you use a CRM to send automated emails, make sure the email messages do not invite customers to your physical locations.  It is also imperative to update your Google My Business information to reflect any changes to your hours or services.  Your customers are still your customers and they want to find you!

Look closely at your paid and non-paid media. If your company’s marketing budget is currently frozen, that doesn’t mean your marketing efforts should be!  Google is offering $10k in Google Ad Grants to nonprofit organizations and Google Ad Credits to businesses that have been consistent advertisers.  Facebook is also offering assistance options.  Increase your social media posts and email campaigns to keep customers engaged.  Change up your paid media mix to stretch your budget.  With the world online, your ad dollars may go further with OTT or streaming platforms over traditional broadcast television or over-the-air radio. Make sure your paid search keywords are relevant and updated.

Next, perform a thorough inspection of your website.  Use the site to communicate your current situation, changes in hours, and ways to shop or connect with your business.  State your company’s response to the current crisis and your commitment to your customers.  Confirm that your content is current and applicable to the present climate.  Is your website user friendly? How about optimized for mobile devices? Perhaps your site needs new landing pages? Make the necessary updates to your website and refresh your content.

Finally, evaluate your business operations. Use the extra time on your hands to improve your customer experience.  Map the customer journey and review every touchpoint, from the initial site visit to after the sale. Have you put off training initiatives because you’ve been too busy?  Utilize this downtime to train your employees and streamline internal processes to prepare for tomorrow.

Remember, while this crisis is difficult, it is also temporary. Stay calm and focus on what you can do for your customers and employees today.  Seize every opportunity available to sustain or advance your business.  At KeyMedia Solutions, we are dedicated to helping businesses through this challenging time and we would be honored to discuss your current needs and help you with strategies to write your success story!