Digital Marketing Techniques in 2018

The future for online advertising includes new digital marketing techniques for building a presence on social media, attracting new visitors to their website, and gaining favor with search engines.

In this article, we’ll break down the latest techniques that marketers across the world will be taking advantage of this year.

Defined Audience Targeting

A “one size fits all” approach doesn’t necessarily cut it in Digital Marketing. Different than traditional marketing, digital has access to elaborate targeting elements that can help identify people interested in your product or service at the right moment. These elements allow for the opportunity to really enhance campaign success and we will only see this evolve over time.

Segmented Audience lists

  1. Defined lists by interests, HHI, based purchase history, job title, etc.
  2. Sale Funnel focused (specific targeting/placement and ad creative copy/CTA based off where they fall in sales funnel)
  3. Defined lists by actions taken on the website (time on site, pages visited, products purchased/didn’t purchase)


  1. Defining specific location and serving ads while in location
  2. Targeting competitor locations
  3. Dynamic Remarketing: Customized ad or email experience based on past site experiences
    • Display
    • RLSA (Remarketing List for Search Ads)
  4. Email Marketing

Customized Customer Experience

Think about an experience at a salon where your hairdresser knows your name, your coloring preferences, and that you never go more than a 1-inch trim.

How would you feel if you could receive a similar customized experience on a website? New digital marketing techniques allow marketers to do this by learning about the customer and building a customized site with specific elements that provide relevant suggestions based off their past experiences.

  1. Personalized Websites: A new visitor that has never been to the site before could be welcomed by a suggestion to sign up for an email newsletter or chat with a representative about questions. A returning customer could be welcomed with a personalized message and receive a survey or suggestion to leave a review for a recently purchased product.
  2. Personalized Emails: Taking into consideration a user’s past experience with your website could provide the opportunity to send emails for up-selling or suggest content or events they might be interested in based off items they have purchased or searches they have conducted.

Attribution Measurement

We’re moving away from last-click attribution and starting to understand the value of measuring all touch points consumers go through on their path to converting. Understanding which sources audiences are visiting and where they’re consuming information can impact marketing campaigns and help to build a more strategic, thought-out marketing plan.

New digital marketing techniques have marketers more interested in connecting digital touchpoints across devices as well as between online and offline sales. Marketers are also utilizing in-store insights to help build and enhance their advertising efforts. The following tools can make a big impact in understanding the path to converting:

  • Google Analytics: Basic and free tool
  • Google Attribution: Big roll out in 2018
  • Convertro: Highly rated and trusted option for many. Accomplished at cross-channel, mobile, and multi-touch attribution
  • Bizible: One of the more robust of the attribution solutions.
  • Full Circle Insights: Track consumer action and related consequences and structures it to give useful insights.

New Year, New Marketing

Will you spend 2018 doing the same marketing? Or will you take advantage of the new digital marketing techniques that could make an impact on your business in the online environment? If you have questions about any of the information in this article, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.