Understanding the general behaviors of different shoppers can be a core component to building strong targeted internet marketing systems. A company can make serious miscalculations if they don't do the research to understand the best ways to court their desired customers.

A recent article on Business Insider uses female shopping statistics as an illustration of this principle. According to the large amount of data cited by the piece, women prefer making retail purchases in-store but often use their phones to augment their brick-and-mortar experiences. A study cited in this article notes that more than half of women use at least one app on their phone to shop.

More than 60 percent of autos and PCs are purchased by women, She-conomy says, and females in turn account for greater than 80 percent of total purchases. The article argues that stores should therefore use their online presence to enhance, not compete with, what they have to offer in-store.

A well-planned targeted online advertising setup can be just the thing to take not just a user's past browsing history into account, but their general shopping preferences as well. For example, ads can direct users to specific locations near them, and also offer deals and alerts that promote further use of mobile.

No company can afford to pass up on strategies that could open their business up to such a sizable portion of the population. By turning to the experience and talent of Key Media Solutions, any commercial endeavor can use their ad campaigns to make constructive changes to the way customers perceive them.