Are you getting the results from your social media marketing efforts that you feel you should be achieving? Truly – more than just being able to say you are “doing something” – is the time and resources dedicated to your company’s social media pages working for your business?

When you are intentional about all aspects of your marketing, you can answer YES to that questions. So, let’s get intentional!A content calendar provides a roadmap for your marketing. It reduces time spent on social media and content marketing AND will yield greater returns when done well. You read that right – a content calendar will reduce expenses and deliver a higher yield.

What is a content calendar?

  • In general, calendars help us organize our appointments, work meetings, and overall, help us prioritize. Without calendars, many of us would not have very organized schedules.
  • This same thought applies to planning our internal marketing strategies for the year. Without a structure to organize where content will post or when deadlines are due creates inconsistencies in the overall marketing plan.
  • Content calendars are documents that help assemble the company’s marketing duties and plan what content, when it will be posted, and where it will be posted. These documents allow you to plan your marketing efforts ahead of time.
  • They are vital in spelling out team members’ responsibilities in an organized manner and allow you to add accountability and reporting.

Prepare before you begin.

Before you begin planning your content calendar, be sure to evaluate each of your company’s social media platforms, your company website, and blog. Examining your online presence is crucial in figuring out what platforms need the most or least amount of time.  Review each social media platform you use by looking at the metrics and engagement. Conducting this audit before making your content calendar will determine where it is best to allocate your team’s time and efforts. Also, an internal evaluation will help establish what content has the most value and response from your targeted audience.After evaluating what type of content your company should promote, you can strategize how to align the messaging to best fit within each social media platform.

Start with the end in mind.

Like everything else we have been talking about in our Down and Digi Series – start with the end in mind. Set clear specific goals and expectations for your content marketing investment. Your social media plan should align with your company goals. And while the conversion metrics may vary, the efforts dedicated to developing your content calendar should support the larger integrated marketing plan and help deliver on your company goals. It is important to note that your content will not have the same goal as your sales team – it is not realistic to expect a blog post or LinkedIn ad to close a high-value deal.Your content’s more realistic goal will be based on engagement, clicks to a landing page, or Facebook lead form. A content calendar will provide the structure and focus needed to do that.

Start building your content strategy by plotting out each piece of content on your calendar and answer the following questions:

  • What is the goal for that piece?
  • Who is responsible for researching/ or developing it?
  • When will it be posted?
  • Does it need to be cross-posted?
    • Blog also used as SM content
    • Video doubling as a podcast
  • What image will accompany the post?
  • Will there be a call to action included?

Another essential component to a successful content strategy is assigning ownership. A well-maintained content calendar begins first by delegating someone to manage or own the calendar.  A content calendar is instrumental in keeping your marketing plan on track and making deadlines transparent. However, assigning one person to keep track of deadlines and tasks will make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

With a bit of time invested in creating your content calendar and establishing the process, your team will become more efficient, focused, and successful in driving results.  If you need any assistance in creating your content strategy or marketing on social media platforms, our digital marketing experts are eager to help your business grow.  Contact us today!