Like it or not, a growing number of people are glued to their mobile devices day and night. This is actually a good thing for marketers, as you have even more opportunities to reach potential customers. For this reason, it's crucial that your business' website works well and looks good on smartphones and tablets.

If you're considering making the move to a mobile-optimized site, but are unsure if you should, ask yourself these questions:

My website seems to look fine on smartphones already. Do I really need to change it?

Yes, a mobile-optimized website should work flawlessly on all devices, not just "look fine." Mobile was once a trend, but now it is truly the norm. Customers expect the same quality experience when they use desktop computers or mobile devices, and you could miss out on a sales opportunity if you choose not to adapt. 

Should I create a mobile version of my site?

A standalone mobile website is useful as a short-term solution, but ideally, you need a single website that displays content differently depending on the device and type of browser being used. This is known as responsive web design. Search engines also prefer all-in-one websites as well. 

Is this something I can do on my own? 

Doing a website overhaul can be a time-consuming undertaking. Small businesses that have limited resources may be better served working with a professional. It may also make more sense to hire a design firm rather than an individual, unless the business owner has time and experience to closely oversee the process. 

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