Many companies may be using the internet for their small business marketing, but most of them may not be putting in the right amount of work to use the service to its potential. According to Entrepreneur, the best digital marketing campaigns are born from a combination of information, resources and consistency.

In order to construct the best strategy for a targeted internet marketing campaign, companies first need to invest time into understanding exactly what its audience needs. No matter how visually stunning the videos may be or how well-written the content is, if it isn't designed toward the demands of the businesses' key demographic, no one will bite. Finding out this information can be done through surveys as well as tracking social media analytics – which posts garnered the most responses or views?

Companies should also make sure to invest resources into the campaign. Good things don't just happen, they take work. Whether these resources are in the forms of money – paying digital advertising companies – or time – researching and learning the best practices so business owners can do it themselves – is the manager's own prerogative. The point is that it takes work to be able to provide great content and marketing for customers.

Furthermore, these efforts need to be consistent. Although every piece of content, advertisement or press release aren't going to be the most quality creations to hit the internet, they need to be rolled out on a consistent basis. Without this discipline to sticking to a regiment of content creation and customer engagement, viewers are more likely to move on.

With an informed, consistent and quality oriented small business internet marketing campaign, companies will be able to see improved performance of their websites as well as a higher lead generation.