The more time people spend on the internet, the greater chance they have of encountering your ads, and data recently released through Netbiscuits' People's Web Report suggests that 25 percent of modern customers will be online for a third of their day. More significant to our interests, the same information suggests that search retargeting initiatives might be a strong means of reaching these internet users, as 90 percent will conduct an online search at some point during the day.

Other important facts gathered through the same study are more relevant to the specific nature of mobile advertising, such as the speed of mobile internet connections. Interestingly, a similar range of responders (between 38 and 47 percent) across ten countries declared this the most important consideration. And furthermore, every little bit counts when wooing users of portable devices: The amount of browsing customers who will give up on a site if there is no mobile support is more than 75 percent, with 7 percent said to abandon a page if there is no mobile optimization.

Clearly for some, mobile targeted online marketing isn't just one possible avenue – it's the primary way they interact with the internet and the world. And the fact that almost 80 percent of users are interested in mobile content beyond apps should be a sign for companies to make their initiatives as broad as possible.

Key Media Solutions can help associations focus on their targeted online marketing in order to appeal to both consistent mobile consumers and those who encounter this technology only casually.