Small business owners often spend a lot of time and money directing potential customers to their websites. While that's certainly an important goal of your marketing strategy, your work doesn't stop once a viewer reaches your site. What do you want them to do once they've arrived? Buy something? Request more information? Simply browse?

You only have a few seconds to catch your viewers' attention and and convince them to go down your chosen path. To do this, you must craft an effective call to action. Here are a few factors that you'll need to consider: 

  • Design – Calls to action should stand out on a page, but not interfere with the readability of the copy. Another important aspect to consider is size. While you don't want an element to be almost invisible, a call to action that takes over the whole page is not useful either. 
  • Language – Your call to action copy should be clear, relevant and easy for your viewers to identify with. Include powerful action words that provide obvious directions to the reader of what must be done. Try to avoid using industry jargon or hard-to-understand internal terminology, as this can be distracting and pollute your message. 
  • Placement – If your call to action is located in the wrong place on a page, your great copy and design work may go to waste. If you have multiple calls on a page, place the most important one in a prominent location, preferably above the fold. 

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