Although advances in digital advertising are rapidly developing, many marketers have found that banner advertising continues to be an effective method of reaching new customers. While banner ads may be 20-years-old, marketers need to have a 2014 mindset.

The website Business 2 Community offered the following suggestions for running a successful and modern banner advertising campaign:

  1. Understand your client – "You need to understand what could be important for them," the source states. "[…] This could be highlighted in your banner so as to catch the attention of your target customers. You could limit them to a time period- so that they take an immediate decision and you are assured of a result before the given date."
  2. Design a unique banner – You want to stand out from your competitors. Banner ads can easily get lost in the background, so be sure that yours offers something different.
  3. Build a landing page to match – Your banner ad may be impressive, but if your website looks like it hasn't been updated since 1999, a user will quickly close the window. Your landing page should be appealing and well-designed. Consider using the services of an outside designer if you are unfamiliar with web development. 
  4. Deliver on your promises – If your ad promised a discount or a free add-on, don't back out on it once the viewer reaches the website. A customer who feels deceived will express their feelings to others. You can't afford to make such a mistake. 

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