Most people tend to think that the internet site TripAdvisor is primarily used to read hotel or restaurant reviews. When it comes to booking vacation activities, consumers typically turn to other websites. However, the CEO of the company, Steve Kaufer, recently hinted that he would love his business to accomplish more and, in a sense, become a go-to site for making travel reservations on a mobile device.

TripAdvisor could soon be making a big push to make travel more personal. Kaufer wants consumers to not only log onto TripAdvisor when attempting to decide where to stay in a city, but also what type of activities to enjoy in a location. He said that mobile and travel when put together needs to be ''more inspirational, more personalized." According to Tnooz, a travel tech blog, the way to achieve this is to allow consumers to book tours and purchase tickets using their smartphone.

Currently, TripAdvisor has contracts with GetYourGuide, Expedia and Viator, all reservation companies that can be accessed on a mobile device. However, Kaufer doesn't think this is enough. He envisions his brand as a global personal travel buddy.

''Unfortunately there has not been a single aggregator that has swallowed up all the inventory,'' Kaufer declared.

Tnooz took Kaufer's statement to mean that he is looking for a business, either one that TripAdvisor has a partnership with or not, to increase the depth of its products and services offered to consumers.

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