As you work on your 2018 MarCom plan, have you contemplated how you ‘ll integrate your marketing strategy to include digital tactics? Technology has provided new tools that make this task easier than ever. Below are a few that we feel are worthy of consideration as you move into 2018.

Direct Mail and Print Media

There are so many ways to integrate online efforts when executing a print marketing strategy – start by looking at the goal of the print piece and run from there. If your goal is to drive website traffic (online sales, leads, or engagement), create a vanity URL that is short and memorable and include that on each print piece. This does not have to include your full website URL; simply purchase a vanity URL and redirect them to the page within your website or create a specific landing page for that campaign.

For example, Pie In The Sky Builders is looking to mail postcards to key influencers within their market. However is a terribly long URL. Purchasing a vanity URL such as is more memorable, easier to spell, and quick to type.

Over the Air Radio

Radio still has a loyal following. Although the music industry is evolving, it surely is not going away. As you plan your radio buy for 2018, investigate options that include streaming radio. This includes traditional radio stations with their internet streaming counterpart, services such as Pandora and Spotify, as well as podcasting services. These services offer options for local and national ad buys, and, in addition to targeting by genre, allow targeting by behaviors, demographics, and socioeconomic factors. This will expand your audience reach and frequency while allowing you to be more targeted and collect additional usage data.

Television and Cable

TV and cable advertising is a staple for multiple businesses. But the tides are changing and more individuals are choosing when, where, and how to watch their television than ever before. Expanding your broadcast buy to digital placements will effectively expand your campaign reach, increase your frequency, and expose your message to audiences that no longer have a paid cable subscription.

The options range from developing your YouTube channel, to a Netflix/Hulu ad buy, all the way through programmatic TV campaigns and can accommodate nearly every budget.


If creating awareness for your brand, products, or service is a goal in 2018, consider a targeted online display advertising component. Typically a much lower entry point than other mediums, online display ads (also known as banner ads) will allow you to engage individuals based on geographic location, interests, demographics, and socioeconomic data. Often times at competitive rates that will deliver greater ad impressions for a fraction of the cost.

Trade Show/Event Materials

Tired of printing thousands of brochures only to find them littering the floor and in the garbage? Offer your attendees the option of TEXTING in a request for information. You then capture their contact information (perfect for follow-up communication after the event) and they do not have to carry information around the show then home. The added benefit to your company is that you are saving on the printing and shipping costs for those brochures.

And here is the really BIG tip: every single campaign, promotion, and effort should be tied into your paid and organic search campaign. Make it extremely easy for those that have been exposed to your campaign message to find you. For example, if you are planning a 2nd quarter campaign across radio, billboards, and social media and plan to use a creative hashtag, also include that word or phrase in your search marketing efforts. We know from historical data that more than 80% of all online activity begins on a search engine. You’d be missing opportunities by overlooking this one small step.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The key is ensuring that your KPI’s are clearly identified for each tactic with your marketing strategy, and the tracking is established to be able to measure the outcomes for each effort – online and offline.

If you would like to talk more about how you can effectively execute your marketing strategy in the coming year, email me and we will chat. Email me at