Our universe is made up planets, stars, and galaxies. It’s also home to many wonderful creatures such as you, me, and turtles – but what else? We shoot rockets to the stars and listen to the stories of the spacemen and women when they come back, and yet we still ask ourselves, “What else is out there?” While, sadly, I can’t answer that question for you, I can tell you about another universe – the Media Universe.

Nielsen, a customer research agency, recently created an infographic which breaks apart the sectors of the Media Universe into separate audience groups engaging with different forms of media. Nielsen is devoted to finding out what today’s consumers buy and watch through data driven analysis and research. They have studied consumers from more than 100 countries in order to produce the most accurate and usable data for businesses.

Their infographic explains the population of consumers dedicated to specific forms of media. Whether it’s the “142 million people on their smartphone” or the “181 million people watching their TVs,” different people choose to participate in media different ways. Nielsen’s data explains the pull of each media source to particular consumer audiences.

Understanding the influence each source of media has on an audience can help business make decisions about how and where to advertise. Where is your money going? Who are you targeting? We invite you to go check out Nielsen’s “Total Audience Media Universe,” to learn about different media sources.


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