While Facebook may have reached the 900 million user mark, the company is still on the slide on Wall Street. On August 16, the social networking company’s shares fell down to $19.87, which is nearly half of its original asking price of $38.

While investors may not be scrambling for pieces of Facebook, small businesses rolling out internet marketing campaigns should be using the site as a tool to communicate more effectively with customers. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, Facebook groups can help companies acquire and retain customers in a way that’s relatively new and engaging.

Companies can create a kind of support group for customers. This can be enhanced by sharing documents and promotional fliers or answering frequently asked questions. In addition, companies can announce new products, get real-time feedback on new product ideas and announce contests as well as their winners.

Companies can also create closed groups for VIP or special interest customers. These are best suited for consultants or coaches who may need to answer more complex questions or give more detailed information. Using these can help for a sense of exclusivity with the clients, creating a tighter bond between customer and company.

On the other hand, a business can create an open group that helps “build awareness, authority and interest in your brand,” says Entrepreneur. By creating an open group, anyone who is interested in what a certain company has to offer or wants to learn more about the industry it is in, can join. By using this technique, businesses can establish their authority and engage in much broader contact with customers. 

While some companies may find this much communication and upkeep to be time consuming, this can be curtailed by partnering with experienced internet advertising agencies. By doing so, companies form a comprehensive strategy for their targeted internet marketing and decide exactly which type of Facebook page they will create, how it will be used and what the company will say.