When it comes to marketing, it's essential that businesses are able to understand their customers well enough to market appropriately to their demographic. While this can be done through maintaining basic customer information, there are a few details about their identities – who they are what motivates them – that a company will never know unless it asks them, according to marketing blog Work Awesome.

By implementing surveys as a call to action in internet marketing campaigns, companies can gain these valuable insights. But, in order for this to be effective, they must ask the right questions.

The source reports that one of the first things companies will never know about customers unless they ask them is how they found out about them. By integrating online surveys into a marketing campaign, businesses can get a better understanding of where and how customers are finding them, using that as a way to adjust their advertisements.

Secondly, most sales associates or representatives are often too concerned about getting the sale in the first place to stop and wonder what made the customer decide to buy from them. By asking this, businesses stand a much better chance of understanding what separates them from competitors and how the impact of their marketing techniques is comparing to the initial intent.

And, thirdly, by asking customers how a company's products or services have made their lives better, easier or just more fun, businesses can get to the heart of exactly what benefits they offer to consumers. By understanding the exact extent of their added value, a company can redesign their small business internet marketing campaigns to be more aligned with the actual benefits customers gain from their product.