LinkedIn, the professional social networking site that allows individuals to submit applications and resumes to companies and gives businesses a chance to market to a very specific demographic, is planning on expanding. According to the Associated Press, the company will be moving into a new campus in Sunnyvale, California that will accommodate 2,900 workers and open in July 2014.

But companies don’t expand for no reason and LinkedIn has seen its fair share of success, especially with its small business internet marketing opportunities.

While having effectively-placed banner advertisements can go a long way to drive website visitors, being able to directly engage with customers can help businesses develop a firm customer base. LinkedIn creates an opportunity to do so.

By creating a business page and regularly updating it with useful information for the company’s followers and allowing them to comment and ask questions provides a targeted internet marketing opportunity only available in the digital age.

While Twitter and Facebook may have more active users and, therefore, more potential followers, users go on LinkedIn for a purpose – to either learn or interact. By designing and operating a LinkedIn brand profile, businesses can give followers and customers the opportunity to do just that. In addition, the site offers companies the opportunity to specialize the content they share on the site to a particular audience within their followers, giving each demographic a different, personalized internet marketing experience.

Although many small businesses may want to begin implementing digital and social media into their marketing schemes, to do so effectively takes time and expertise they may not have. By partnering with digital advertising agencies, companies can efficiently begin these marketing campaigns.