This blog has previously discussed the importance of mobile advertising, especially as smartphones and tablets are increasing in popularity. More businesses are taking note of this trend, and have started adjusting their marketing campaigns accordingly.

For example, beauty product company L'Oreal has created mobile coupons that can be redeemed in Walmart or Duane Reade stores across the country. As explained in an AdAge article, L'Oreal will be able to advertise to a target audience and then gather information about which customers use coupons. Additionally, the business will see which items are popular at certain times, locations and among varied consumer segments.

It is important to connect your entire business together. While consumers might appreciate an advertisement through their phone, they might also want to know where an actual store is located so they can then make a purchase there.

"When creating mobile ads, you need to combine display ads, search ads and location targeting to drive targeted traffic to your website, and then, to your brick-and-mortar store if you have one," explained a recent Huffington Post article. 

Additionally, the news source cited information from Business Insider, which said that location-targeted display ads show impressive click-through rates of 3 to 4 percent. Additionally, the same research found that when casual dining restaurants used local, mobile ad campaigns, they outperformed competitors by a factor of two or three.

Partnering with a firm that specializes in targeted internet marketing and mobile advertising can be an important step for small- to medium-sized businesses. With more consumers using mobile technology, being able to offer targeted advertising in that medium is crucial. Key Media Solutions will help organizations find the best approach for their products and services.