Email can be a great way to market fresh products to your customers. All you have to do is put information together and hit "Send," right?


A recent Business 2 Community article discussed this very issue, saying that businesses need to take care when sending emails out to clients and potential clients. The news source cited data that found 18 percent of permission-based email in North America never reaches the inbox, with 5 percent of that being disregarded as spam.

For example, the news source explained that companies will benefit from regularly updating their email lists, verifying that each recipient is current. Subscribers will also appreciate clear expectations about what is to come, such as what will happen if they sign up for something or click to learn more.

Additionally, the content that is created for a company needs to show the customer why he or she should invest in products or services, while also clearly advertising the business' brand.

"On its own, bad content won't prevent your emails from being delivered, but if your content is boring or irrelevant, people won't engage with it or, worse, will mark your emails as spam," the article read.

Lastly, the news source explained that it's important for companies to pay attention to their complaint rates and overall reputation metrics. Current and potential customers will appreciate that their voices can be heard and that a business is making efforts to meet their needs. Everything from tracking click rates to simply reading consumer reviews can help an organization improve its marketing strategy.

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