Technology has made it easier for consumers to access information, communicate with loved ones and even work from home. But it's also aided in the development of more effective internet marketing methods, including accessing important market trends data and producing company videos – both of which, if done correctly, can drastically improve a small business's sales.

According to Harvard Business Review, some of the best sales departments will spin their products to play off the current trends in their markets. Oftentimes, this is done by analyzing sales data and keeping abreast of the major news and developments in the industry. But, some other companies may prefer to set the trend rather than ride it. One way many businesses are accomplishing this is by producing quality company videos.

Entrepreneur Magazine recommends that when companies make these videos for their small business internet marketing, the first thing they should do is set goals for the effect of the video. By fully understanding exactly what they want the video to accomplish, online advertising companies can do a better job at providing the right product that creates the desired effect.

In addition, if these videos are part of a broader marketing campaign, it will benefit companies to post videos on a consistent schedule. By creating one every month or even every week, consumers will pay more attention to what the company is doing because it's presented much more clearly as part of a plan.

Furthermore, good things take time. While pay-per-click banner advertisements may provide instant gratification, digital videos will often take months to make a true impact. It's important to be patient with a targeted internet marketing campaign and let the effects unfold over time.