Watch the extended interview with Caleb Hoover, the owner of Hoover Heights Media in Sioux Falls, SD as he talks about the power of Video Marketing and the difference it can make in your business.

If you would like to learn more about Video Marketing and how you can utilize the power of online videos within your business, download our Video Marketing Checklist today. This checklist was created by both Hoover Heights Media and KeyMedia Solutions.

The document starts with ten tips for creating video. Caleb Hoover gives expert advice about the process that goes into creating a video. From an idea to pushing record, these ten tips will help you create a high-quality video that your audience will love.

The checklist continues with ten tips from our own Content Specialist Sam Thorson. He outlines ten tips that you can use to distribute your video across the internet. From choosing a distribution channel to why you should be organizing your videos, these tips will help your videos reach the most people.

To download the checklist, just fill out the form below and it will be sent directly to your inbox.


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Caleb Hoover started Hoover Heights Media, LLC in 2012, after doing video and photo for a non-profit located in North and South Dakota. He helps businesses and non-profits enhance their web presence with video. The mission of Hoover Heights Media, LLC is simple: Your Story. Our Camera.
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