Sometimes, integrating two methods can bring out the best of both. When it comes to online advertising, combining search engine marketing (SEM) and online display marketing can give your company even better results than only using one of the two advertising strategies.

In fact, Retail Online Integration cited a recent study by Forrester and iProspect that stated that 29 percent of users immediately responded to a text advertisement after using a search engine, while 33 percent had clicked on an advertisement directly. But when gradual searches were factored in, however, the researchers discovered that more consumers actually clicked on an advertisement after conducting a online search – nearly 50 percent. As a result, combining the two strategies is actually much more effective over time.

"This dynamic has important implications for marketers," writes Paul Wilson in an article for "To fully capitalize on it, marketers should support display efforts with SEM to boost overall return on investment. In other words, consider search as a form of insurance for your investment in display ads. Failure to integrate the two could result in missing nearly 50 percent of your audience."

To see still more results, Wilson suggests that companies invest in targeted search remarketing, which allows your display advertisements to show up when people type in a related search query or keyword. For example, if your company sells computer antivirus software, your display advertisement would show up when a person types in "virus removal" or "antivirus" into one of the top search engines.

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