It may seem like common sense to say that when you are in the market for a new product or service and are shopping online, you are more likely to click on an online advertisement for that item. However, it's not very often that business owners have access to surveys that have been conducted on this number. That's all about to change as audience-targeting company Aisle A recently published a report on this topic that could be quite valuable to companies that want to boost the relevance of their ads.

Researchers discovered that out of the 4,500 online shoppers who participated, approximately 85 percent concurred with the statement, ''When shopping online, I'm receptive to online ads for products or services that I am currently considering buying.'' Sixty-two percent agreed with the declaration, "When shopping online, I'm receptive to additional products or services that are relevant to me (even if I'm not currently considering buying them) and targeted to my interests and buying preferences."

The type of site that the advertisement was on also played a role in whether users clicked on it. The most popular websites that resulted in clicks were shopping, email, news or blogs, social media, video and gaming.

''This study also highlights that retailers or publishers at the bottom of the sales funnel are sitting on valuable, engaged audiences for advertisers,'' said Craig Teich, vice president and general manager of Aisle A.

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