So much of a targeted internet marketing strategy is producing content – in advertisements, blog posts, social media platforms, emails and more. But, more often than many companies would like to admit, writing content that is engaging can be difficult and time-consuming.

What do we mean by engaging? Engaging content is lively, topical writing, images and video that causes viewers to not only view the information, but interact with it, such as "liking" it, sharing the content and, best of all, becoming a supporter (and customer) of your company.

That's why it's so important to produce content for online marketing and advertising that reflects the interest and aesthetic of your target audience, and keeps them in mind above all when compiling content ideas.

"The numbers game [fans, followers, traffic, sign-ups, sales] will always fail as long as we fail to connect to what the customer cares about: footwear that makes a difference, a travel experience that makes flying fun, fresh food and great music," writes social media expert Crosby Noricks in a recent blog post for "Marketing strategies will maintain their mediocre successes as long as we keep expecting engagement and loyalty from our customers without giving them the same consideration."

One way that Noricks suggests getting in better touch with your online audience is to create a calendar that reflects not just what is coming up for your company, but also for your customers. Make note of holidays, school vacations and other events, and think about them as you plan content for the week.

For assistance in planning and creating engaging content for your internet marketing campaign, Denver companies can invest in a local internet marketing firm.