Studies have shown that more people are using new forms of technology to browse the World Wide Web than ever before, specifically mobile devices. Forty percent of the time consumers spend online is done using a cell phone. Because of this, businesses of all sizes have jumped on the mobile advertising bandwagon. In fact, an analysis conducted by information technology research corporation Gartner revealed that mobile advertising is expected to bring in $3.8 billion in revenue this year alone.

If you own a business and are thinking about using mobile advertising, it's important to understand what makes this type of marketing so effective. Experts in the industry say it's because:

1) Mobile marketing is user-friendly

In seconds, this type of advertising allows consumers to take advantage of your offers. They can click to make a reservation, learn about current deals and find out how close they are to your company. Mobile phones have enabled consumers to get information in a matter of seconds.

2) It's convenient

Mobile is the only medium that is always on and always accessible – people do not leave home without their mobile device. With a mobile marketing strategy, consumers can view your advertisement anytime and anywhere.

3) It's versatile

Mobile advertising can be a great way to target consumers who have a BlackBerry, iPhone, Android or Windows phone. It's this type of versatility that makes interacting with many individuals in an instant so appealing.

If you'd like to know more about mobile advertising, what are you waiting for? Consider reaching out to a local online marketing firm that specializes in this area. Reputable companies can offer you rich media and text ads with options to click to web, call and map.