Future of Marketing

Hello from Chris Bohlen, the most recent addition to the KeyMedia Team. After graduation from college, I had aspirations not that different from many other post-graduates. I basically wanted to be Don Drapper; with the intent of one day owning “my” own agency and managing it from a fishing boat in the Gulf. Today, I am working toward that dream, with a different route than I would have imagined.

My first job out of college was in a print shop. I had some great experiences and really learned a lot about the process and work that goes into printing (to this day I still have the reaction to feel paper for it’s weight and grain). However, after awhile, I was lured away by my ambition of a greater challenge. I moved my career forward as an Account Executive for a local cable/internet provider. My main goal was to help be a voice for the small business owners in an already over-populated market place. I built strong relationships with my customers, and I truly learned what was best for my clients. After time, I began to lose faith in the product I was selling. I felt my accounts should not be putting all their eggs into one proverbial “marketing basket”.

I had known Korena for a couple of years, post college I got involved with the South Dakota Advertising Federation [AdFed]. While at an AdFed event Korena and I were seated together and naturally business discussions held the conversation. Our conversation turned to the rapid growth that KeyMedia was experiencing and their need to hire a person in the project management role; an individual that would help increase efficiency on projects. My interest was immediately peaked. The role could potentially be my “in” on an agency doing what I really wanted, consulting businesses on marketing, making recommendations, be a brand consultant, help companies find a voice and create brand advocates.

I bring diversity to the KeyMedia team, from my background in print and cable media advertisement. When customers ask about different mediums I can help make a recommendation based on experience within a market that is ever changing. People are spending more time using devises, whether for shopping, video streaming, banking or driving directions. These devises are becoming second nature; it only makes sense that a business would take advantage of the organic or paid market. If these methods can work hand in hand with one another, media advertising has the ability to create top of the mind awareness that brand advocates need for their companies.

People are using devices more now than ever before. I firmly believe that this trend isn’t going to slow down soon. People and businesses are trusting established institutions that have a strong online presence. For example: would you consider banking with a bank that didn’t offer access to your accounts online? I didn’t think so! If a business can market itself using contextual, native or even remarketing you may not have an immediate buyer, however, you are creating an impact. A relationship is being made with the consumer whether they are aware or not. These are they types of issues (or strategies) that get me fired up about marketing. It is about being on the cutting edge of technology and using the methods that we know work; reporting real data.