Although the start of the 2013 holiday shopping season begins this week, it is not too late to implement mobile advertising solutions. Businesses can expect that shoppers will use their smartphones this year more than ever.

Marketers have been paying attention to this trend before the "year of mobile" paved the way for companies to think of innovative ways to attract customers. Despite the colder weather, AdWeek believes this strategy is "ripe to flower," meaning that this is a great time consider reaching out to customers this way.

In 2013, 30 percent of Americans owned a tablet and a smartphone, and the popularity of these products is expected to grow, according to the Pew Research Center. Because of these electronics, it is now easier than ever to access the internet. In fact, 25 percent of Americans only use these devices to access the World Wide Web.

Why does this matter to business owners?

Retailers and other organizations can remain competitive in today's shopping culture by shifting their advertising campaigns. Direct mailings are still a common way to promote sales, but today's consumer is more tech-savvy than ever.

Nowadays, consumers can receive updates via email, social media or mobile applications. Despite being fairly new forms of communication, about 53 percent of smartphone owners  use these apps to redeem coupons and special offers, KSC Kreate found.

Why not set aside some time to build high-quality leads with a mobile advertising campaign this holiday season? Key Media Solutions can help companies create a mobile advertising strategy that can make a lasting impression and outlast the holidays.