In the past, if a couple wanted to go on a vacation, they would reach out to a travel agent to hash out the details of their flight, hotel and itinerary. However, increased use of the internet has made it easier for individuals to plan their own trips – cutting out the travel agent altogether. Take into account the prominence of smartphone use, and anybody can plan a vacation from their fingertips.

Unfortunately, many hoteliers have yet to optimize their websites to the screens of mobile devices and tablets, causing a lot of "zooming in and out [and] filling in fiddly fields," International Business Times contributor David Gilbert writes.

As a way to mitigate these frustrations, resorts and inns within the United States have an opportunity to increase impressions and web traffic if they can find a way to market their accommodations with a larger audience through the use of online marketing solutions. Banner ads can be found on popular mobile applications like Hotel Tonight, which can access a hotel database from over 150 destinations or mobile-optimized, user-friendly websites.

Hotel Tonight specifically works with travelers who need last-minute stays due to flight cancelations or spontaneous trips, but an engaging advertisement may make the difference between your hotel over another.

"[W]e will continue to work tirelessly in order to provide them with great values at amazing hotels and an unparalleled mobile booking experience," Hotel Tonight co-founder Sam Shank told International Business Times.

The travel industry went through its hardships during the economic recession, but more Americans are comfortable spending money on luxuries today. Hoteliers that partner with Key Media Solutions have the opportunity to attract a larger audience if they implement a mobile-centric advertising strategy.