In the online banner advertising industry, websites try to lure businesses to buy space on their domain because of the success of their "click-through-rates." While this metric is a great way to determine the value of placing an advertisement, it is not the only way to ensure high-quality impressions and an increase in revenue.

In fact, 80 percent of banner ads that have been clicked come from just 16 percent of internet users, according to a study from ComScore.

What is wrong with this scenario? This small sample size shouldn't be the only way a marketer determines how effective specific display ads are. Companies that want to increase their digital presence have to look past the click-throughs, even if they are easy to measure.

As DC Marketing Pro contributor Alisa Bartash puts it, click-through-rates are "an easy 'out' when your boss is asking for evidence that your marketing dollars were well spent." However, marketers need to explain that the true value of local online marketing comes from the amount of impressions that occur from an advertisement.

How can impressions be measured? Business owners can analyze email or SMS subscriptions, web traffic or overall revenue made within a quarter. Even though ComScore reported that the national click-through-rate is 0.1 percent, it is important to remember that advertising has become more digital, even mobile-friendly.

As technology innovations continue to increase, so will the opportunities to grab a business' targeted audience. Companies that partner with Key Media Solutions will be working with an organization that has extensive experience with online marketing and creating plans that can provide more impressions.