As network and cable television channels' upfront exhibitions – where the major executives at the stations pitch their show lineups to advertising executives – become less prevalent and the hugely successful Mad Men, set in a 1960s advertising firm, ending its season, it can be easy to see exactly how much advertising has changed since it first rose up among the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

While it started out as only print ads in papers, advertising expanded to radio and television as soon the mediums became popularized. But, the latest advent in the advertising world is that of internet marketing campaigns, which have proven to be very effective for businesses of all types, as described by the Los Angeles Times.

According to the news source, internet marketing may not reach the scope of audience that major radio, TV and print can, but the demographic it is reaching is much more active and engaged than someone waiting for the commercials to end. Through the use of social media and banner ads on major search engines such as Google, companies are inherently targeting consumers who are already active, thus increasing the chances of a click and perhaps even a purchase.

Furthermore, by keeping track of these clicks, internet marketing offers a clearer way to judge the return on investment. Marketing data can allow businesses to see how much time visitors are spending on a website, while also showing a company what is attracting visitors the most and how many individuals click on their advertisements.

Furthermore, internet marketing is – virtually – free. It costs nothing to start a Facebook page, Tumblr or Twitter handle and, if used effectively, these resources can help drive tremendous traffic to a company's website. Although, oftentimes, small businesses will hire internet advertising agencies that are experts in these fields to conduct high level targeted internet marketing campaigns.