Back in 2012, Yahoo! announced that it would be transitioning to a mobile first company that would focus its efforts on catering to the needs of its smartphone and tablet users. That year, the company stopped supporting several of its mobile applications that it had deemed to be less relevant than other apps and programs that were available.

At this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Yahoo! unveiled more about how it is dedicated to staying competitive in the mobile age. The company outlined its new generation of mobile advertising resources that it has made available to marketers.

“The online advertising world today is fragmented, difficult to navigate and not always customer-friendly,” Yahoo! states on its advertising blog. “For advertisers to get the reach, targeting, and ad effectiveness they want, they have to work with multiple publishers, ad networks and exchanges, demand-side platforms and analytics vendors, among others. And still, advertisers are left with limited ability to measure and optimize the performance of their campaigns.”

The new services include:

  • Yahoo! Ad Exchange – A global marketplace that provides high-quality publishers with more control over the ads on their site.
  • Yahoo! Ad Manager and Ad Manager Plus – Will give marketers access to all of Yahoo’s advertising products, with insights and analytics provided automatically.
  • Yahoo! Audience Ads – A platform to buy ads that are targeted toward toward niche audiences. Advertisers will also have access to Yahoo! and third-party data about the success of the ads.

In addition to the above, Tumblr Sponsored posts will now be powered by Yahoo!.

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