As we slowly reopen and adjust to a new way of interacting, businesses will become increasingly dependent upon their digital marketing strategy. Unfortunately, if you do not have a web presence now, you may not have a business when this is over.  Operating your business and communicating with your customers through digital methods is critical to surviving in a post-COVID world.

This never-done-before, nearly complete cancellation of all live events, conferences, and conducting of face-to-face business is forcing industries to operate almost exclusively through digital channels and possibly for the foreseeable future. Now is the time to review every aspect of your operation and move all feasible processes online.  Companies that rely on trade shows and conferences to network and build customer relationships must be nimble and quickly shift into social marketing and digital campaigns.  Businesses that have built off-line networks based on face-to-face meetings and handshakes require a strategy to reach those potential customers in a new contact-less world.  Organizations that usually funnel a majority of their advertising budgets into live events and conventions are now rerouting those funds into digital channels.

Transforming how you traditionally conduct business can leave you with a lot of questions. While you may have known where to find warm leads or potential customers in a face-to-face environment; how do you locate them in a virtual one? How can you be sure those who are looking can find you?  Which of your products or services do people want most? Is your brand getting in front of the right audience and conveying the proper message? These are all valid concerns to consider as you shift your marketing strategy.

Luckily, you can relax and put all of your B2B marketing worries to rest with MasterKey ATA by KeyMedia Solutions! Imagine knowing the anonymous companies who visit your website every day. MasterKey ATA uses IP address intelligence™ & B2B firmographic data that translates IP addresses to companies, integrates account data into your technology stack, and provides first-party intent data to identify anonymous web visitors – all based on a company’s IP address.  MasterKey ATA enables you to receive in-depth company and contact information, find the warmest leads based on visitor engagement, and connect with prospects early in their buying cycle.

Contact us at KeyMedia Solutions today for a free consultation to discover why MasterKey ATA is your marketing team’s best friend and your sales team’s secret weapon.